The Mystery Of Names – What Is Our Purple Elephants Name?


What is the name of our Purple Elephant?

Naming things is harder than you think. Either you create nicknames from past behaviors of a person/animal or you pick a name and hope for the best. We even nicknamed my friends brother Beef because he ate steak fairly regularly, but that is the magic behind nicknames, they come from any place. Sometimes they don’t make sense, but we still love them.

For our Logo, what do you think is the real story behind our purple elephant? We know the general story of him/her, but what should his/her name be? Shortly we will be posting the full story of the purple elephant in our logo, but did he come from Africa, or has he been running throughout North America? It’s a big mystery because not too many elephants are Purple. It’s something to wonder about.

Coming soon we will be posting t-shirt designs supporting our elephant because let’s face it, it is an excellent logo for a t-shirt with a great story behind it!

Let us know – What would YOU name our purple elephant?

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