About Eyecatcher Press

Eyecatcher Press and Eyecatcher Press Music is based out of Barrington, Illinois. We are publishers of books and music. 

We create unique music and books because it is something we believe in and strive toward to attain life’s ultimate goals, promoting relaxation and well-being. Our music is tailored toward a corporate side of business, where it serves help in rehabilitation, relaxation, stress reduction, and many more things. Music has been proven to enhance our healing powers, create more opportunities for mindless and purposeful rest, enhance our immune systems, and reduce anxiety.

Not only can this be a great tool for relaxation, some of our specific CDs, such as “Sudden Inspiration,” is targeted toward a corporate mind, whereas a CD makes a better premium product to give to customers, rather than pencils and stress balls, which get thrown out in minutes. It’s been shown that 87% of people who receive a CD will listen to it and remember who they received it from. If your company is looking to hand out premiums at trade shows, events, or just to show the level of care for its customers, a CD shows an enhanced level of respect and care for those who receive it.

Our CDs can be fully customized for your company. For example, some companies have chosen to put a sticker on the CD that says, “A gift from ……. to you to enhance your wellness.”

For more information, visit our website, or call 847-363-9789, we’d love to talk to you about your needs, you won’t regret it!

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