Corporate Premium Gifts

Why do Eyecatcher Press Music customers purchase our Sudden Inspiration CD for their sales, marketing, and premium gift needs?

They do because of the following:

1. Music lasts for years and years. Music and memory recall are uniquely linked and customers recall where the music originated from in their archive: YOUR brand. The CD is fully customizable to make it your own brand.

2. Gives customers the gift of enhanced wellness because music has been proven to help reduce stress, enhance creativity, build confidence, optimism and insures a positive feeling about YOUR brand.

3. Music can be used in a variety of places, three being customers cars, work, and home. This creates an enhanced sensory stimuli by the repetition of the message.

4. Value perception – people know prices of CDs, and the value associated with it greatly outnumbers a pencil, stress ball, or coffee mug.

5. Cost effective and easy to ship. The high definition quality CDs we produce come in a plastic case, poly-wrapped, with vibrant colors, and are easy to store and deliver. We can ship 500-5000 CDs in 4-7 business days!

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