Marketing Toward Millennials

The world is changing at a faster pace than we ever would’ve thought. Technology this prominent was thought to take 100 years to produce, where over 20 years we have surpassed that limit. However, why are companies still giving clients tangible items that they quickly toss in the trash? Since the existence of trade shows, companies think that giving clients pens, pencils, coffee mugs, stress balls, and note pads (with their logo) were the best way to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Their methods have not evolved as quickly as technology and the population of the workforce.

While this is an excellent chart about Millennials, we do not own this image.

By the year 2020 46% of the population in the work force will be Millennials. Why have they not changed the way of communicating their brand? The addition of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android system changed people’s desire to hold less than ever, because they can. In fact, Google Wallet  makes carrying money easier than ever, to put all credit cards on your phone and pay wirelessly. Seamlessly, PayPal has offered similar services, making the use for cash almost non-existent. The iPhone “5” or the new iPhone, is one of the biggest product’s to come into the market, what may be in mid-September. While having logoed products may sound like a good idea and you may say, “My logo looks really good on that pen and people are going to use that pen forever!” That is not the case.

Companies must adapt to the ever-changing customer expectations. While people throw out those mindless products quickly, CDs are still in people’s closets, shelf’s, and archives. Something about CDs makes people not want to throw them out. The truth to the tale is that people perceive a CD of having a value greater than $10, so if they throw out a CD, they mine as well rip up a $10 dollar bill. This thinking can prove beneficial for companies because they have the opportunity to give customers a gift with an increased value perception. Along with the new iPhones and Google’s Android system, people can put the CD on their mobile devices and take it with them, something that other tangible products cannot do. As so, when was the last time someone said, “Oh wait? I forgot my stress ball and pen, hold the car let me get it.” With music, that is not the case. Apple’s cloud distribution system has made it easier than ever to access content on the go and virtually hands free. Another opportunity for companies to establish is the use of QR codes. Many companies have adapted to the use of handing out cards with a QR code on it, with a free download of the music album straight to their phone. Apple and Google have made this idea very prominent in the industry with the advancement of phone apps. Free is the key! People can scan the code for free with their phone and download the music CD to their phone and recycle the card. A simple message saying “A gift from us to you” conveys a greater value of loyalty for the customer rather than a tangible replaceable gift.

The advancement of these products has to be credit of tech companies and the population. In the next 20 years, the work force will be even more vast and full of techno-savvy individuals looking for the next big idea. Since Apple came out with the cloud computing system, it has made it easier for people to carry less. If people want to carry less, then why do companies continually give clients more?

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